Pediatricians Against Cancer charitable foundationwas established and registered in 2008. The founders of the Foundation are doctors and scientists involved in children’s oncology.

The idea of ​​creating the foundation belongs to Dr. Vadym Kobys. He knows well the problems that professionals can solve. Unfortunately, at this stage of development of Ukrainian health care, budget funds are sorely lacking to allow for quality cancer care for children. This is one of the reasons for the creation and existence of the Pediatricians Against Cancer foundation.

Today there are charitable foundations in Ukraine created by the parents of children who once had cancer, and there are volunteer programs. Thanks to them, material assistance and support are provided to sick children and their parents. But this is not enough.

The mission of the Pediatricians Against Cancer foundation is to provide professional support and assistance to cancer patients and their families. This is primarily medical care (prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation), psychological care (children, parents, health workers), legal (protection of the rights of children, patients, people with disabilities), providing information to children, parents, health workers about cancer in children, methods of diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and prevention.

The strategic goal of the Pediatricians Against Cancer foundation is to achieve a high level of oncopedic medicine in Ukraine, on par with world standards of evidence-based medicine.

The foundation’s team believes that their work is the basis for changing the perception of problems of children’s oncology in Ukrainian society. Help and support provided by us for over 8 years once again confirm that an oncological disease in childhood is not a death sentence. Surviving children and families, development, creation and implementation of new projects (scientific and social), a wide range of socially responsible partners, sponsors, benefactors, caring people, recognition and trust at the state level (award of the National Rating of Philanthropists in 2016) are significant results work of the foundation.

Compassion, empathy, understanding, diligence and action help all of us, together, to achieve positive results. We all sincerely believe in change.

The team of our foundation is open to new achievements, events, people who are able to turn back the current circumstances and save children’s lives. Join us!

Vadym Kobys, President of the charitable foundation Pediatricians against Cancer

+380 (67) 732 72 05

Natalia Romanyuk, co-founder of the charitable foundation Pediatricians against Cancer

+380 (67) 462 34 08